Never written something like this before?

We hadn’t either.



Aurore is for based-on-a-true-story erotica, not so much tentacle-porn type stuff. But go ahead and use your imagination to spice things up. We’re not going to fact check your fever dream.


All stories must be consensual. If your story includes rape fantasies, rough play, etc., consent must be established at some point in the story before the act takes place.


Please give your lovers cute pseudonyms. While you’re at it, think of a stripper-worthy pen name for yourself. Esmeralda Applesauce? Hmm, you can do better.


We want porn with a story. Make sure there’s emotion, reflection, and character development. Think of it like good vs. bad sex. Take your time, get us ready, so once we get to the main event, our senses are heightened and we feel like we’re there.


We like it lengthy—think anywhere from 800 words to infinity. To see if it’s a match, send your gems to