Mainstream porn is not for us. We’ve always relied on our imaginations. But when we exhaust them, where do we look for new inspiration? Here.

That’s why we created Aurore, to turn you on and help others get turned on. WE’RE BUILDING A COMMUNITY EMPOWERING PEOPLE TO EXPRESS THEIR SEXUALITY THROUGH WRITING.

We’re here to tease, to educate, to inspire. We want to remind ourselves and others that sex can and should be good (even though it’s so often not, ugh).

Aurore is a safe place to collect your hook-up stories—the sex you can’t forget—and read others’ best stories as well. It’s modern erotica, it’s honest and relatable, and it’s real (mostly).

Aurore is a feminist, inclusive destination for the full spectrum of great sex to unfold, unwrap, unravel.

This is AURORE