The Pet

“Hi, Miss.”

“Hi, pet.”

He is sitting in front of the webcam on Skype, naked, laying across his bed seductively.

“You’re fierce, Miss. Women should be more in control of the power they have.”

“Why do you say that, pet?”

“Girls I meet always want me to take control and dominate them. I don’t want to, Miss. I just want to please women. They are so sacred and perfect.”

“Where do you live pet?”

“Gramercy, Miss.”

“Why can’t you tell me who you are?”

“Because I couldn’t do this if you knew who I was, Miss. I’ve told you that.”

“Okay, pet. It can be our secret.”

“Yes, Miss, I trust you with my deepest secret. Should I get in position?”

“Yes, pet.”

“Okay, Miss.”

He spins around in front of the camera onto his hands and knees. He lowers his chest toward the bed, swaying his ass in the air.

“Spread your ass cheeks for me, pet. I want to see your pretty hole.”

“Okay, Miss,” he mumbles, his face buried in his mattress.

He spreads his cheeks wide for me and I giggle at his hairy asshole.

“Pet I want you to take a picture like this for me. Turn around and start stroking your cock.”

He likes to take pictures of himself and upload them to Imgur to share with his many dommes. It’s also the only way to hide the metadata. I keep note of the number of views that accumulate on the photos he shares. I prefer the ones that are taken only for me.

“Okay Miss, what will you do with it? Are you going to share it with anyone?”

“Do you want me to, pet?”

“I’m afraid, Miss, but I trust your judgement. I want you to be proud of me.”

“That’s sweet, pet.”

“I’m very proud of you pet, you have a great body.”

“I try to work out, Miss.”

“What do you do?”

“Yoga and cross training.”

“That’s so hot, pet.”

He stares at me. He has sad, aging black eyes with bags underneath. He has messy black hair down to his chin. He speaks like someone with an expensive education. Something about him is so sweet and pathetic, I feel honored that he believes in me enough to guide him.

“Stroke faster pet. Do you want me to share that picture of your pretty asshole with my friend?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“How bad do you want to please the both of us, pet?”

“Very badly, Miss.”

“Why do you care about my friend so much, pet?”

“Because she makes you happy and I want you to be happy and her to be happy.”

“You’re such a good pet.”

“Miss, maybe one day you and her can have a tea party and invite me over. I could wait on the two of you.”

“Would you like that, pet?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Would you take turns licking both of our pussies, pet?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“You’ll prove to me you’re the best pussy licker in this city. Won’t you, pet?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“You’re my little mouth slut.”

“Yes, Miss. I’m your slut,” he is panting harder and uncontrollably.

“Cum for me, pet. Cum for me now.”

He starts moaning and stroking the shaft faster now. His body begins to shake and the cum shoots up onto his beard.

“Good, pet.”

“Thank you, Miss.”



That night I ask my boyfriend to go down on me. I ask him to tell me about women at work he wants to fuck.


He is annoyed having to play along but wants to please me so I will stay with him. Between pussy licks he tells me about a tall woman who comes in his work sometimes. He knows this will bother me because I am not tall. The thought of this woman excites me. I push his face deeper into my pussy.

“Tell me what you want to do to her.”

“Sometimes I think about what it would be like to bend her over the bar counter at work and fuck her. She has very long legs.”

He starts sucking harder on my clit and I leave my body, I am so turned on at the idea of him with another woman.

“Suck harder!” I yell out.

He pulls me by my thighs into his mouth and licks deeper and harder into my pussy until I cum all over his face.

“Thank you.”

“You know I would never actually fuck another girl in front of you, you’d probably go fucking insane.”

He’s right.

Photo by Helmut Newton

KinkCamille Claudelmain